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diamondsSo, you have some jewelry or gems to sell...

Our traditional approach to this is to have you give us your items for us to shop with various dealers who will make us offers to buy your items. Within the period of a day to no more than 10 days we will inform you of our finding and what the market will pay for your items. We work on your behalf to make the best possible deal for you. We work on a commission of 10% or less, depending on the overall value, that is only paid to us if you accept the offer.

In all fairness, if we are just providing information of value so that multiple parties or heirs can split up a collection or estate in an equitable manner, but who do not actually desire to sell the group, we do charge our hourly rates of $200 per item for the first piece and $75 per item there after up to 2 carats. Since the detail required for an "offer" or a "liquidation estimate" is limited to the price we believe we could broker the items for is quite rapidly done, our fees are still very reasonable. If you change your mind and sell us the entire group within a two week period, we will fully refund any fees charged. If we buy most of the group, we refund most of the fee; whatever seems fair to all concerned.

These take in services are generally provided by appointment in our office, right in front of you, so that you can be comfortable with what is taking place. Of course, you are also welcome to ship items to us. We will make all efforts to secure your precious items and treat them carefully even when you are not able to be there in person. Above all else, we value the sentimental nature of jewelry and will respect your feelings and wishes. We will fully insure any items sent in or left with us during the time we have them in our possession.

Sending items to us requires no advance appointment. Use Registered Mail with the US Postal Service and purchase insurance. If you need advice on how to do this, you may call 215-922-1926 or email us at We will help you to do this correctly. Once you ship us items, please call or email for us to be on the lookout for your items.

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