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The MINIMUM fees for clients:
$250 for the first item and a minimum of $100 per item after the first, depending on the complexity of each additional item.

We are always glad to make a firm estimate of our fees upon examination of your items without obligation before we proceed with your appraisal. The last thing we want to do is to make you concerned over the cost of your work.

There is never a fee to verify our own documents.

Internet and other distant clients:
We specialize in doing work for distant clients. Due to the extra time and communication requirements, the minimum fees are slightly different than above. In our effort to give people a superior product, we grade unset diamonds with either our AGA-Cert®, AGA Diamond Grading Report, AGA Diamond Trade Report. Then, we will complete a full, independent appraisal report including retail replacement value. Our appraiser will discuss actual transaction price ranges with you, if you desire.

Diamonds that are set into mountings can only be appraised. No grading report is issued on mounted diamonds. We strongly recommend newly purchased diamonds and precious gemstones be graded and examined BEFORE they are set into mountings.

In other words, you will get our most complete service, our undivided attention and pretty much anything you need or desire.

We can arrange to set most diamonds into your mounting and occasionally will even supply a simple mounting for someone who has a time constraint. This is a service and not a competing retail operation. If we see a potential problem with either a diamond or a mounting, we may refuse to offer setting work. When we accept a job, we are responsible for any damage to the diamond or mounting that may occur. Although this is rare, it is always a possibility. We make every effort to avoid such problems by using skilled workmen, with years of experience, who have previously provided us completely satisfactory work.

For more information, contact AGA: 215-873-CERT or

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