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Welcome to Accredited Gem Appraisers

diamondAccredited Gem Appraisers supplies jewelry appraisals and diamond grading documents for dealers, the jewelry trade and the general public. Christian DiCamillo is the President and head appraiser.

We are creators of the AGA-CERT® which not only grades diamonds for carat, color, clarity, but includes a CUT GRADE for all shapes stones. AGA was the first national gem laboratory to offer a cut grade for round and fancy shaped diamonds.

5 Reasons to Get a "Good" Appraisal

  1. The end result of every appraisal must be to come to logical, supported result. You can't just use the most convenient appraiser. Its like looking for a doctor to do important surgery. You must try to find the best one available. With medicine, it may be your life. With jewelry and diamonds, it is definitely your wallet.
  2. Appraisers discover and disclose inherent vice. Insurance companies may choose not to cover your loss if they feel there was some weakness in the gemstone that was there all along. This is what they call "inherent vice'. We search for these problems and advise you, in advance, of damage. Then you can make an informed decision about purchasing the gem.
  3. We have years of experience dealing with consumer's needs and insurance company requirements. We will supply you the required materials as a matter of course.
  4. A good appraisal will give you an adequate description to replace missing elements when you have a partial loss. One line appraisals just can't provide enough detail to describe side stones or mounting details. We do.
  5. Whether you require a fair division of your assets due to divorce or estate settlement reasons, or an appraisal for insurance, verifying a potential local or Internet purchase, you need reliable and credible documentation to make the situation finalized in the least costly and fairest way. We won't take sides and refuse work where clients or vendors feel the need to pressure us into an advocacy position.

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